Vallarta Bird and Nature Festival Showcases Mexico's Beauty and Highlights Conservation at Vallarta Botanical Garden

January 14, 2022

A Visitor to the Vallarta Botanical Garden Enjoys Feeding a Hummingbird

Vallarta Botanical Garden focuses on sustainability and conservation projects in Puerto Vallarta, and ensures Mexican native plants and species are protected

Vallarta Botanical Garden is an organization with the mission to study, preserve, and display Mexican native plants for the enjoyment of international visitors and is a conservation leader in Mexico”
— Robert Price, Founder and Curator
PUERTO VALLARTA, JALISCO, MEXICO, January 14, 2022 / -- Vallarta Bird and Nature Festival, February 25, 26, 27 Showcases the Beauty of Mexico and Highlights Important Conservation Efforts at Vallarta Botanical Garden

Vallarta Botanical Gardens is a leading environmental organization in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with the mission to study, preserve, and display Mexican native plants for the enjoyment of locals and international visitors and has been a top conservation leader in Mexico for over 16 years.

From a world-class facility in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Vallarta Botanical Garden provides an unprecedented opportunity to share the wonder of the vast diversity of Mexico’s unrivaled and unique plant species with people from around the world. The assembled botanical collections are housed in a safe environment, and the Garden maintains the most-visited public collection of orchids in the country of Mexico.

Additionally, The Vallarta Botanical Garden has focused on protecting endangered species and habitats since its founding in 2004. In an ongoing campaign, Vallarta Botanical Garden plays a vital role in a decade-long conservation project for the emblematic military macaw (ara militaris mexicanus), which was vanishing from the area until recently. The artificial nest box project has provided a vital link in the reproduction of this apex species, and wild military macaws can be seen daily at the botanical garden.

The Vallarta Botanical Garden is a 501c3 organization, and donations are tax-deductible. The Vallarta Botanical Garden also provides tax-deductible receipts for donations from Canadian taxpayers.

“When I moved here in 2004, I did not know I was going to start a botanical garden. One day, the idea came to me while hiking in the Sierra Madre mountains. It felt like walking in a dream as I looked at all the varieties of wild plants, including cacti and magnificent wild orchids, and wondered why there wasn’t a botanical garden in Puerto Vallarta. Since our gardens’ founding in 2005, we have won many international tourism awards for garden excellence and have become a tourism generator for the Puerto Vallarta area”.

Vallarta Botanical Garden has celebrated the gorgeous Mexican wildlife, its diversity, and its most prided flora species and birds with the remarkably successful Vallarta Bird and Nature Festival, attracting crowds of visitors and raising awareness regarding the importance of wildlife preservation.
The Vallarta Bird and Nature Festival are held each year to spark awareness for birds and nature and to inspire people to become involved in wildlife and habitat protection here in Mexico.

This year, the Festival will be held February 25th-27th at the Garden. Activities including visits to the macaw sanctuary and photography tours to different locations in the area can be selected on the event website, Vallarta Bird and Nature Festival – VBNF. The Vallarta Bird & Nature Festival supports projects in avian and nature conservation.

The Garden exists today, but the aim is to prolong the longevity of Mexican nature and ensure these wildlands and species are protected for future generations. “It is a considerable effort and one that can’t be done alone, “says Executive Director Jeremy Taylor.

“Thinking that somebody else is going to ‘solve the problem’ has become the problem. Vallarta Botanical Garden believes that novel solutions most often result from cooperation and collaboration. We look forward to working with new partners to bring new ideas to fruition and ensure ecosystems are preserved, and species are protected.”

More information about the organization and Vallarta Garden’s 16-year history of conservation is available on the official website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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